1. Come to our Party- 7 Party- Hey! Say! 7 crosstalk POPOLO 2013.08

    We’re all willing to hold a 7 party…
    BEST holds a “BEST Party”, right?
    Chinen: As well as a “Z-kai”.
    Nakajima: That’s tutoring!
    Okamoto: But unfortunately, a “7 Party”…
    Yamada: You guessed it, doesn’t exist!
    Nakajima/Chinen: Yep~
    Yamada: But Keito & I used to eat out together quite often.
    Chinen: I remember Yutie asked me to go on one of those swan boats with him in Inogashira Kouen once-and I went on it with him.
    Okamoto: You went on one with me too.
    Yamada: And yet, we’ve never went out even after we’ve had work together.
    Okamoto: Maybe we’re actually too bad a friend to each other
    Yamada: Right!!
    7: *Laughs*
    Chinen: Excuse me.
    Nakajima: You may speak, Chinen-san!
    Chinen: The other day, after work, I asked all you guys out to eat and you guys were like, “I can’t eat now” and Keito was like, “Oh, sorry I have plans after this”
    Nakajima: See? Chinen-san is getting hot under the collar here. Guys, go eat out with him!
    Yamada: WTF man, you were the one here who couldn’t go in the first place cause of work!
    Nakajima: True that, but you know
    Okamoto: But really, we do genuinely want to have a “7 Party”
    Let’s hold a 7 Games Party
    Then since we’re all here, maybe we can hold our first “7 Party” here?
    Nakajima: Yay! Let’s do this!
    Okamoto: Good idea. But if we held our first 7 Party here, we’d all be ordering whatever we want, and we’d just be eating silently.
    Yamada/Chinen: True~
    Okamoto: Which, is kinda because when we have crosstalks like this we tell each other whatever we need to.
    Chinen: Yeah~. If we spew out whatever we need to at the “7 Party” we won’t have anything to talk about here!
    Yamada: That’s worrying.
    (笑)But since it’s a good chance, let’s do this. So…Yuto, how’s life?
    Nakajima: Well right now I’m filming for a drama…But yeah, the other day I went out with my camera…and watched a movie.
    Chinen: Except he got into trouble cause he recorded the movie on his camera.
    Nakajima: Ya think?
    Chinen: Well I went to an arcade yesterday.
    Yamada/Nakajima: Eh, really!?
    Okamoto: Hey, you guys are pretty much saying the same thing as you said for your other interviews.
    Chinen: Then how about this: the other day I connected my keyboard to the laptop so I was playing around mixing sounds.
    Okamoto: Well I went to uni and then went shopping. How about Yama-chan?
    Yamada: What do you mean, “How about Yama-chan?” !?
    (笑)I wanted to go shopping, but I didn’t want to go alone so I called you and you replied no because you had uni!
    Okamoto: Whoops.
    Yamada: And so I went shopping all by myself.
    Chinen: Ooooh, I wonder what Yama-chan wanted to buy that he invited Keito~
    Nakajima: Getting into the mood of a 7 Party, eh?
    Yamada: Well my intension wasn’t just to go shopping. I used to go out with Keito a lot, but these days we weren’t going as much so I asked him.
    Chinen: Ooooh so did Yama-chan try to buy Keito’s heart with monneyyyyy?
    Yamada: Totally! ….not.
    Nakajima: Then, would Yama-chan come and watch a movie with me around my local area if I ask you out~?
    Yamada: Why can’t it be like, Shibuya or Shinjuku?
    Nakajima: It’s too far from my place~
    Okamoto: Okay then, Yutie, virtually place yourself in Shibuya, and call me.
    Nakajima: Moshi moshi, Keito? I’m in Shibuya now, and…I’m feeling a little lonely, so can you come?
    Okamoto: Sorry, I’m kinda in the middle of class here at uni…
    Yamada: Yeah, so, this happens.
    3 days before our first 7 Party Yamada the organizer will call you all!
    So, realistically speaking, if we were to hold a “7 Party” we need to go out to eat somewhere.
    Okamoto: Then let’s go yakiniku since you like it.
    Nakajima: Super expensive yakiniku.
    Yamada: But really, next time someone suggests going out to eat, let’s make a rule that we do not refuse.
    Chinen: If you refuse, you’re kicked out of 7!
    Okamoto: Eh~? Isn’t that a bit harsh?
    Nakajima: With the exception of work, right?
    Yamada: Nope, no exceptions.
    Chinen: So then Yama-chan’s the organizer.
    Yamada: I’ll give you guys a call 3 days prior so you guys HAVE TO keep that day free!
    Nakajima: And, what about it being Chinen’s treat?
    Chinen: Eh~? Fine then, fine! I’ll pay next time!
    Yamada/Nakajima: Kakkoii~~
    Okamoto: Chinen’s like, “next time” but it’s actually the first time.
    Yamada: Okay then, I’ll try and find a really expensive place.
    Nakajima: I’m in charge of cooking!
    Okamoto: I’m in charge of following!
    Yamada: So…I’m taking it as Keito being in charge of following means he’s not gonna eat.
    Okamoto: Hey, let me eat!

  2. Duet 2013.07 Takaki x Yamada crosstalk

    -What do you usually do backstage?
    Yuya’s usually playing on his phone.
    Takaki: Yeah, I usually play a lot of games on my phone and…being so popular, my phone never stops ringing!
    Yamada: …idiot.
    Takaki: Yamada’s usually out in the corridor.
    Yamada: Yeah, I guess that’s true. Cause if I practice my sax in the room I’ll make a nuisance to all the other members, so I usually do that in the corridor…and sometimes I do work outs in one of the larger corridors too. I try not to be a bother.
    Takaki: You care for others, don’t you?
    Yamada: Anyway I find it so weird how when we have concerts and stuff, you bring barely anything. You come with a bag that doesn’t fit anything like your lesson wear or make up. You know how I’m always like, “Do you even realise it’s work?”
    Takaki: Ahahahaha I usually don’t carry anything. Cuz I stuff everything I need, like my phone and wallet into my pocket. But you know, when it comes to concerts and work, and stuff it’s not good to turn up with no baggage, so I just attempt in bringing at least a bag.
    Yamada: In Yuya’s case, that’s displayed as your character so I guess it’s acceptable. Like, you’re the guy who goes to Okinawa with just your money and your passport.
    Takaki: …passport?
    Yamada: Ah, wait, Okinawa, opps sorry.
    (汗 I just feel as if anywhere you go on the plane you need a passport. (笑)
    Takaki: Ahahaha that got me a little~
    Yamada: In general, I’m the guy who gets worried without baggage. And I try to bring extra stuff for people like Yuya.
    Takaki: Of course!
    Yamada: You borrow so much of my make up stuff it’s not funny! Like, my lip balm goes at the speed of light.
    Takaki: I like, go up to people and struck up a conversation…and I just inconspicuously take their lip balm. Skills.
    Yamada: Yeah, it’s kinda too suspicious…I’m not dumb.
    -You do your own hair at concerts, right?
    Yep. Everyone’s pretty good at that-we’ve all been doing it since Jr.s.
    Yamada: I do Dai-chan’s hair often. It’s not like he’s bad at it, but I just don’t like his hair that he does himself and sometimes and I redo it. Except with Keito he never even lets me lay a finger on his hair. I mean, he even has this cranky sorta aura around him when he’s doing his hair.
    Takaki: Cuz Keito’s 100% serious about him and his looking-good business. He even proposes himself that he’s the “Ultimate narcissist”
    Yamada: Ah, Keito’s cheeks are turning red~
    -Do you two hang out together in your private lives?
    Ah, we went for a drive the other day.
    Takaki: Yeah, after we went paint ball with everyone.
    Yamada: We went with everyone carpooling on someone else’s car to Yamanashi, and we were just there with the two of us. You drove me to my house on the way back. We talked a lot then, but the conversations we had like…had no content.
    (笑)You know, with me poking Yuya on the stomach sometimes.
    Takaki: Talk about rudeness!!
    Yamada: Cuz you were like, “I hate being zapped on my stomach” so I thought it was a sign for me telling me to do it.
    Takaki: You were sleepy then, right?
    Yamada: Dead sleepy. It was an early day, and I used up all my energy playing paint ball.
    Takaki: But still, you were resisting the temptation to sleep.
    Yamada: Yep! You knew?
    Takaki: You were trying so hard not to sleep, but from time to time your head was like, swaying.
    Yamada: Ahahahaha so you knew.
    Takaki: You had shades on so I couldn’t see if your eyes were open though.
    Yamada: And before that I was like, “No way I could sleep next to someone who’s driving for me!”
    Takaki: 5 minutes later…off to fairy land.
    (笑)You said it yourself, and you slept…god, so funny. But I did say you could sleep.
    Yamada: And me? I was like, “Yeah no way I could sleep sitting in this seat, it’s too rude!” –and I’m off.
    Takaki: After that you were like, opening the windows to let the air in, and playing really loud music and screaming. So desperate.
    Yamada: I tried to blow my sleepiness away with the wind on the highway accompanied by catchy music.
    Takaki: Yeah, like disco music.
    Yamada: But really, so embarrassed of myself for sleeping in the passenger’s seat! Glad it was Yuya who was driving…I don’t feel the need to be so considerate around you so it’s so much easier for me.
    Takaki: Yeah, it’s easier for me too.
    Yamada: Just that when we were playing paint ball, I really felt that Yuya’s super unfit.
    Takaki: Hey, that’s the same with you too! How many times did you say, “Urgh, this is hard!” huh?
    Yamada: It’s just cuz of the heat in summer.
    Takaki: For me it was the first time playing paint ball so I couldn’t shoot.
    Yamada: You were so bad~
    Takaki: Yeah, and I got shot real easily so it’s instantly game over and I’m having to wait for everyone to finish…and I’ve used up all my energy in waiting.
    Yamada: But once you got better at it…
    Takaki: I went hypo! But Yamada got shot on places with no gear on and you were all down.
    Yamada: Yeah, I ended up with marks like huge mosquito bites on my neck.
    (笑)But I really wanna go again.
    Takaki: Well when that’s happening, I’ll drive you again. 

  3. POTATO crosstalk Takaki x Yamada

    It’s important to talk to people and feel them
    So these days it’s getting increasingly tougher-how do you keep your spirits up?
    Yamada: Just think blank. Or think about food
    (笑)Like, “What should I eat after this performance~?” You?
    Takaki: I try to keep in mind that no matter how hard the day, it’s bound to come to an end.
    Yamada: That’s really romantic…as in, no matter what you do, time flies, so live every moment to the full.
    Takaki: Precisely! And I feel (for) people. Woah, I don’t mean it in a weird way, okay?
    Yamada: Duh.
    (笑)But I do feel the presence of people are important. Especially with this job, your problems come in large packages, so it’s near impossible to get over them by yourself. Whether it be your family, or your members, it’s important to feel for people and talk to them.
    Takaki: And if I still can’t get over my problems, I go to the beach!
    Yamada: Yeah, Yuya’s like that. I mean, I can totally tell the day after you’ve been to the beach.
    (笑)So easy.
    Takaki: It’s the power of nature.
    Yamada: Yep. And once I get my drivers’ license, I’m going to the beach too!
    Takaki: By the way who do you think is the most positive thinking in our members?
    (And then Chinen comes in at the best of times dancing)
    Yamada: Has to be this guy.
    (笑)Not necessarily happy-go-lucky… more like he’s good at controlling his feelings. I don’t mean it in a bad way-but he seems like a robot in a sense. He knows what’s programmed in him, so once he finds something that doesn’t fit in his program, he just blocks it away.
    Takaki: In a sense, it’s amazing how he does that.
    Yamada: Of course Chinen would have his own problems too, but how he deals with them is completely different from others. But I’ve noticed Yuya doesn’t really show his problems on his face either, right?
    Takaki: I guess.
    Yamada: You’re usually the stupid one but when it comes to this stuff your brain works.
    Takaki: Shut up!
    Yamada: Well, after all Yuya is quite mature.
    Takaki: See? Well, after all you’re still a chairudo(child).
    Yamada: Why English?
    (笑)Well I find you immature when you become defensive about everything. Anyway, finally, what I want to challenge in 2013. I want to go to Mt. Blanc(mountain) and eat a Mt. Blanc(cake) !
    Takaki: Hey, that’s what I did! It’s near impossible for you. You do know it’s 4000m above sea
    level, right?
    Yamada: So the air there is thin?
    Takaki: Yep. Even Chinen was out of breath by the time we got to the top.
    Yamada: Well it’s probably not a good idea then. I mean, it looked fun from what I saw, but I guess in reality it’s really tiring. Except I do still want to do some sort of large scale shooting like that for work. How about you, Yuya?
    Takaki: I wanna go summer diving.
    Yamada: …summer, diving?
    Takaki: Opps, I meant…you know, diving that you do in the season now…umm….how do you say winter in english?
    Yamada: Are you serious!? It’s WINTER. Seriously, it can’t be any good with you having to ask ME for that.
    (笑)By the way can you actually say all four seasons in English?
    Takaki: Of course I can! Spring, Summer, Winter…wait, what’s autumn…?
    Yamada: Er…what was autumn….?
    (Being told by staff that it starts with the O sound)
    Takaki: …Octopus?
    Yamada: …Ocean?
    (Yabu: IT’S AUTUMN!)
    Yamada: I think it’s like my first time hearing that word. Yuya didn’t know either, right?
    Takaki: Nope!
    Yamada: Okay, let’s make 2013 a year of studying English.
    Takaki: Yeah, that conversation made it obvious that we’re idiots.
    Yamada: And as a group, we need to show how we’ve grown to our fans. That’s all.
    Takaki: Yep. We’re yet to know what works we’re going to do this year, but I’m sure we’ll have many opportunities to grow, and I’m willing to take it on the full.
    Yamada: Ganbaro.

  4. FB Page Open!!!

    So…tobbikos out there how have you been?
    Yes, my apologies for my inability to keep a constant pace in updating…it would be very helpful once again if you guys could keep sending me requests :))
    It’s that time of the year-half yearlies. Mine finish tomorrow so from then onwards I will be able to rummage through the overdue works.
    Meanwhile, Ganbaletsgo on your exams, everyone!

    As the title suggests, I have opened up a FB page…on this page I will be posting smaller translations perhaps from TV shows and I’ll be updating on my personal life as a JEotaku, so look out for it!

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  5. Hey! Say! 7 crosstalk WINK UP June 2013

    That came with bit of a shock. (笑)I mean…I didn’t think he’d wear stuff like that…
    Yamada: I’ll just keep this clear before the crosstalk starts…Keito! Make sure you don’t stain that yellow sweater you’re wearing, ok? I’m planning to buy that. Don’t you even leave a drop of sweat on it!
    Okamoto: O,okay but dude…the more you pressure me the more I sweat.
    Nakajima: What was it that you liked so much about the sweater?
    Yamada: The colour and style. I kinda like how it has that rough touch to it.
    Okamoto: And most of all…I’m the one wearing it
    Yamada: Shut up. It’s going straight to the washing machine once I get home.
    (笑)So, do you guys buy the clothes that you wear in shoots? Or do you just go out and buy them normally?
    Nakajima: I remember Chinen buying a Hawaiian shirt last year…that bright red one.
    Yamada: That came with bit of a shock.
    (笑)I mean…I didn’t think he’d wear stuff like that…
    Chinen: Oh yeah that shirt I wore in WINK UP. It was before the summer season and you know…I felt aloha. I wore that one quite a lot…
    Nakajima: Didn’t you wear that in Thailand too? You were fitting in perfectly!
    Yamada: Yeah he did~ you know, even if you know it’s for work, you get high when you go overseas.
    Chinen: Speaking of which, apparently BEST were talking about SMAP’s 5-person trip in their crosstalk. I saw that episode too!
    Yamada/Okamoto: Me too!
    Nakajima: Shoot, I’m the only one here who hasn’t seen it…
    Yamada: Haven’t you seen Nakai-kun balling over?
    Nakajima: I’ve seen it in the spoilers.
    Yamada: He starts to cry as everyone sings “BEST FRIEND” in karaoke.
    Chinen: I reckon Ryosuke would be the one sitting at the counter singing his heart out.
    Yamada: That might be quite true. Like, I’m the one who likes to sing first in karaokes.
    Chinen: See! And when we become SMAP’s age, Keito would be the one ordering wine.
    Okamoto: So I’m like that in character?
    Nakajima: I wonder what it would be like if us 4 go on a trip together.
    Okamoto: Oh NO. NO. NO. TOO. MUCH. TROUBLE.
    Yamada: What are you so afraid of?
    Chinen: I really want to go for a trip though! You know, like a driving trip!
    Okamoto: You sound extremely enthusiastic but you’re not going to do anything, are you?
    Chinen: Nope.
    Yamada: Just casually.
    (笑)What if you were told to deicide on somewhere to eat?
    Chinen: NO. I can’t take that sort of responsibility! I mean, I’d rather starve.
    Nakajima: Titf
    Okamoto: But I’m kinda starting to think it might not be too bad to have a go.
    Nakajima: Sounds fun. Alright then, well when we’re going on a trip, I’ll come pick you up at your door on my car.
    Everyone: Kakkoii~
    Yamada: Except the problem is; can Yuto-kun wake up early enough?
    Nakajima: I’ll do my best- I’ll even set two alarms!
    Yamada: The other day in the Shizuoka performance I was in the same hotel room as Yuto-kun…he just would not wake up.
    Nakajima: Nah, I wake up when the alarm goes off.
    Yamada: Uh, no you don’t. It was vibrating for about 20 minutes.
    Chinen: 20 minutes is quite intense
    Yamada: And his phone was on the desk, so it was making this weird sound…but I didn’t stop it cause it was his phone…and it went off for 20 minutes.
    Nakajima: My apologies.
    Chinen: I was in the same room as Ino-chan & Keito. I said “Let’s wake up at half past 8” and then Keito was like, “Okay…can you wake me up?”
    Yamada: Yeah, Keito & Dai-chan don’t wake up very well at all! On top of that they’re in a bad mood…as if they’re about to step on your face.
    Chinen: Yeah, Keito…even if you wake him up, he’d be like, “Yeah, yeah, okay.” And then he goes back to sleep. I swear he could sleep for another 2 or 3 hours straight.
    Nakajima: Lol ikr! Chinen’s impression is so like him.
    (笑)He like, puts a bothersome smile on his face and goes back to sleep.
    Yamada: Eh, what, he smiles? Acting so differently as he does to me!
    (笑)And you too Chinen! You’re making it sound as if you’re the sensible one but you don’t wake up either!
    Chinen: Eh, I was awake on time you know?
    Okamoto: Yep.
    Yamada: What’s with you guys…do you guys just decide to leave it all on me when I’m in your room?
    Nakajima: It’s cause Yama-chan’s the sensible one. You’re never late. Like, the three of us have quite a few problems with time management.

    These days BEST are being the jokers.
    Yeah true, I’m not usually late to things…except I remember once I was SUPER LATE to a drama shooting. It was like a scene where I was supposed to draw something in the art room…I think I caused a lot of trouble for Chinen & Yuto-kun.
    Nakajima: Oh~ yeah, such a long time ago!
    Yamada: When I woke up, I was lightly going, “Gosh, gotta be kidding me~”
    Chinen: How does one feel when one is that late?
    Yamada: You’re like, “Shit…end of the world” but then you somehow calm down and you’re like, “maybe I should take a shower.”
    Okamoto: Ikr!
    Nakajima: Yeah, I guess people panic the most when it’s a time when you just might make it if you rush.
    Yamada: Yeah. Anyway after that I became much more cautious of sleeping in.
    Nakajima: Cuz really, Yama-chan is never late to things! Hey~ are you sure we can get this trip planned with only Yama-chan being able to get up?
    Yamada: That’s a bit of a concern…Well, let’s do this after we’ve all learnt to wake up properly.
    Chinen: And…at this point in time we’ve finished the Shizuoka performances.
    Okamoto: Yeah, I guess it went quite smooth-you know, not very many troubles.
    Yamada: Just Yuya fooled around with “I’m tired, OVER”
    Nakajima: That was pretty funny! I think that kind of fooling around the fans would like.
    Chinen: These days BEST are being the jokers.
    Okamoto: We’re the sensible team.
    Yamada: True; we’re the team who likes words like, “on time” and “smooth” –so I guess we’re actually more mature than BEST.
    Okamoto: We get into trouble if we joke around too…
    Yamada: Uh, no, BEST are being more stupid than us.
    Nakajima: Ikr! As soon as they’re told in the rehearsal not to do things-they do it in the next performance! They even make us laugh!
    Chinen: Like what?
    Nakajima: In “OVER” where there’s a beep right at the end of the song, I was like verbally saying “beep”.
    Yamada: Yeah, um, NO.
    Nakajima: I just had the sudden urge to say that!
    (笑)Anyway, even we give advice to our kouhai’s like in JOHNNYS’ WORLD.
    Yamada: Yeah. We were like, “Maybe you should do this…like this, and keep that…ok yep.”
    Nakajima: Especially with our sword art cause it’s dangerous if you don’t do it right.
    Okamoto: Me-never. Like, I don’t have the ability and experience to give advice.
    Yamada: Yeah, true.
    Okamoto: Hey! That’s where you’re meant to say, “Nah, Keito, you’re so good! What are you talking about?”
    (笑)Except…I’m a completely different person to who I am now when I’m at “Hyakushikiou”!
    Chinen: What kind of Keito exists there?
    Okamoto: I like, full on tease Takada(Sho) and like Sanada(Yuma). I’M teasing them!
    Yamada: WHAT!? …sorry I can’t imagine that.
    Nakajima: You should bring that kind of Keito out within JUMP too
    Okamoto: yeah, but who do I have to tease?
    Yamada: Well it’s kinda hard because 7 are the peacekeepers who hate ups and downs.
    Chinen: In BEST, yabuhika sometimes fight. …And we really don’t know what to do when that happens.
    Yamada: Ikr! They don’t go easy on each other at all…they like, full on throw each other knives without starting with like…rocks.
    (笑)Even with just telling each other that their positions are wrong, they’re like, “Hey. Position. WHY THE HELL ARE YOU STANDING THERE?” and then the other is like, “FUCK THAT JUST SHUT UP, I DON’T CARE” Like, in 7, we’re all like, “Hey, aren’t you meant to stand there?” we don’t even throw anything. (笑)
    Chinen: But then it’s not like they’re fighting- they just chatter away after that.
    Nakajima: I guess it’s beacause they’re good friends that they can throw knives at each other and not care.
    Okamoto: True. Except…if knives came flying at me I’d tear up.
    Chinen: Yeah, Keito’s like that. But seriously, within JUMP, 7 & BEST are so different. I wonder what chaos it’s going to be if we go on a trip with JUMP.
    Nakajima: Gawd I have no idea!…wait, maybe it is a little forseeable.
    Yamada: Thought so. Except I guess it’s going to be BEST fooling around and 7 the peace makers.
    Okamoto: Well then let’s get that on camera like SMAPxSMAP when that happens.

  6. Love Profile Yamada Ryosuke Wink Up May 2013

    Q. What are three things you would want your “ideal girlfriend” to have?
    -A nice smile
    -Displaying random acts of kindness

    Q. Do you want to text your crush 24/7?
    Yeah of course!

    Q. Your girlfriend wants to go to a pancake shop that’s so popular you’d have to wait in line for 2hrs. Would you wait?
    I would wait! I’d hold her hand when we’re waiting in line too<3

    Q. What would you like your girlfriend to call you?

    Q. You’re on a date with her and you bump into your members. What would you do?
    I would introduce her to them.

    Q. What would you do if your crush happened to have a boyfriend?
    I would steal her!

    Q. If you were to ask for advice from one of your members, who would you ask?
    Yuya. Because he’s mature, and he has a different way of thinking to Daichan.

    Q. If you were to sing a love song to your crush, what would you sing?
    Lion heart (SMAP)

    Q. Out of JUMP, who do you think would change the most through love?
    Yuto. I think he’ll change if he gets a girlfriend…he’s so straight forward!

    Q. How would you recover from a broken heart?

    Q. Can you allow your girlfriend to eat out with her guyfriends?
    I don’t want her to! But I’ll still let her.

    Q. What would you cook your girlfriend?
    Anything she wants. As long as I have the recipe, I can make practically anything.

    Q. Your girlfriend told you she wanted to see you really badly…but it’s midnight, and you have work tomorrow. What would you do?
    I would just go say hi to her.

    Q. If you were to buy something matching with your girlfriend, what would you get?

    Q. Give us a kanji to represent “love”.
    「成」Because I believe that through love people grow.

  7. Yama-chan x Yuto x Yuri YYClub Crosstalk

    So today, we have a special guest with us…Yamada Ryosuke-san!!
    Yama-chan: We-i. Hello hello.
    Yuto&Yuri: We-i

    Yama-chan: So, what’s the theme this time?
    Yuto: Umm, well…”Relationships”
    Yuri: So, to kick off, we must make a point that within us three, Ryosuke has the most relationships, as in, he knows so many people. Cause you’re pretty good friends with (Tanaka) Kouki-kun, right?
    Yama-chan: He’s been taking care of me like a brother since a long time I ago. You two both have senpais like that too, right? Who have you met recently?
    Yuri: Yutie hasn’t met anyone, I think. I mean, you only step out of the house when you have work.
    Yuto: I get too into my hobbies and I don’t hang with people. My social status is like, zero at the moment. I do eat out with Koyama (Keichirou)-kun sometimes, but I haven’t gone for ages.
    Yama-chan: Oh yeah I remember the other day you were like, “Oh I think I’ll go shopping with Hasshi (Hashimoto Ryosuke)” Have you gone already?
    Yuri: You haven’t with Hasshi yet, have you? I know you went with Yabu-kun and Totsu. Hasshi had some other thing that day, right?
    Yama-chan: Oh right. …wait a minute. Why the hell does Chinen know of all this?
    Yuri: Hehehe*proud*
    Yuto: I’ve gone out with Yabu-kun and Totsu quite a few times already. Like to the movies, karaoke…the other day we went looking for jeans. So even Yabu-kun’s like,”We’re like the Golden Trio”
    Yuri: Right-
    Yama-chan: Then which senpais do you hang with Chinen? Ohno-kun?
    Yuri: Nope, I actually haven’t met Ohno-kun in my private life before. I guess the only senpai I have a connection with in private life is like, Yabu Kota. The other day we ate out with both our mothers being there.
    Yama-chan: I guess the Chinen family and the Yabu family are good friends then.
    Yuri:  The Chinen family’s also pretty good friends with the Yamada family too, I reckon. I remember about 3 years ago I went to sleep over at yours with my mum and my sister.
    Yama-chan: I remember! The three of you!
    Yuto: Eh!? Why!? Why!?
    Yuri & Yama-chan: Why…we don’t know, actually.
    Yuri: But our parents are good friends…
    Yama-chan: And our sisters are good friends too.
    Yuri: And, I’m supposedly good friends with Ryosuke.
    Yama-chan: Oi! What are we gonna do without you & I being the best friends out of everyone!?
    Yuto: Seems fun~Jelly~
    Yama-chan: You know, random chain of thoughts, Yuto-kun actually says “Jelly~” quite a lot. Whenever you want something, you’re not like, “I want that” and whenever someone’s eating something you don’t clearly say you want it, but you’re just like, “Jelly~”
    Yuto: Ah-. Come to think of it…
    Yama-chan: If you wanted some, then you should be like, “Seems nice…can I have some?” Asking someone for something brings communication and that’s where relationships start, I reckon.
    Yuto: Yeah, that’s actually true-!
    Yuri: In my case, if Yuto-kun was like, “Jelly~” I’d be like, “I know right-?” and finish all of it.
    Yuto: Hahaha! That’s Chinen!
    Yuri: Yay!
    Yama-chan: Hahaha…what the hell were we talking about?
    (笑)  Wait a minute…it doesn’t end here, does it?
    Yuri: It ends here.
    Yuto: Yeah, it’s about time.
    Yama-chan: You’re kidding, right!? Is “YY” this loose in time!? Gawd that’s scary~

  8. Who’s Okamoto Keito? -POPOLO May 2013

    Takaki: A Friend
    I guess I hang with him the most in my private life. He just calls me “Yuya” at those times. As a friend, you must call them by their first name. It’s a rule!

    Inoo: Uni Buddies
    These days all we talk about are our own unis.  (笑)But seriously, just the fact that we’re both uni students makes us feel closer.

    Yaotome: Bubbly
    When he dyed his hair a lighter shade, I told him he didn’t suit it. The next day, he dyed his hair a darker shade. Kawaii, right?

    Yabu: Ramen Buddies
    Whenever I feel like having ramen I always call Keito. He’ll be all complaining like, “Really~You sure you wanna go today~?” but then he’ll still come along with me. (笑)

    Yamada: Similar Senses
    When we look at a magazine, and we point at whoever we think is the cutest, we usually pick the same girl. (笑) Me? Oh I just push away his finger. (笑)

    Chinen: Good to Hang With
    I don’t have to think about being considerate towards Keito, and he’s good to hang with. I can just randomly call him to ask if he can hang, and he’ll just be like, “Okay.” (笑)

    Nakajima: Music Buddies
    We often talk about music. …Keito doesn’t return all the CDs I’ve lent him though. (笑)Even with movies, we give each other information on which ones are good, or even go out to watch them together.

    Arioka: Go-with-the-flow Buddies
    On the 9th of February we were like, “It’s Meat Day! (translator’s note: February 9th=2/9=niku=meat) so we went out to eat meat, or we randomly go out karaoke and sing JUMP’s songs…it’s good we’re both go-with-the-flow sort of people.

  9. Who’s Nakajima Yuto? -POPOLO May 2013

    Takaki: Wild Friends
    We just go wild together. (笑)We’re often together for Shoukura, so after the filming we go crazy.

    Inoo: I have the urge to tease him
    When we have a conversation, we always seem to be talking about ourselves…and every single time I feel a sudden urge to tease him. (笑)

    Yaotome: Band Buddies
    It’s fun playing my bass to Yuto’s drums, and these days I can tell if it’s one of his good days, or his bad days when I listen to him.

    Yabu: Shopping Buddies
    I go out shopping with Yuto and Tottsu- quite often. We wait for each other for fitting too. (笑)We’re also movies and karaoke buddies too.

    Yamada: Rivals
    We’ve been together since we were little, and we used to be the same height…being coupled together for everything. We both know the path to follow, and we’re definitely moving forwards!

    Chinen: A Friend
    I reckon I spent most of my time out of work with Yuto. At school we ate lunch together everyday, and we both studied hard, helping each other.

    Okamoto: Music Buddies
    With Yuto I talk the most about music. Recently, we haven’t had time to do this, but we used to rent a studio and had sessions together!

    Arioka: Percussion Buddies
    Once at break time we had some sort of session with hitting our knees and it was so cool. Since then we do it quite often.