1. Myojo February 2012 Translation Part 16

    Memo with the three - Important Dates<3 Diary

    THUR/3 - Nakayama- Start of shooting, “Tsubasa yo! Are ga Koi no Akari da” First time being an angel. I’ve been a devil… so it’s an interesting job!

    SAT/5 - Yamada - First Time in Kumamoto! - In Kumamoto for [School Kakumei!] ‘s shooting. We went to Kumamoto-jo and were like, “It’s gonna be hard to break this down ~” (笑)

    THUR/10 - Nakayama- Tongari Time! - My friends bought tongari corn, so I totally smashed the CM!(笑)

    SUN/13 - Chinen - To an Even Better House! - I got wi-fi in my house! I’ve been trying to do that, so I’m satisfied!

    TUE/15 - Yamada- Made Pasta - Made an original pasta using basil sauce. It was so nice, and I even ate my tomatoes!

    SAT/19 - Chinen-It’s a bit early but… - I downloaded a christmas song sang by my favourite artist~

    SUN/20 - Yamada - Turned into an “Ideal son”! - I had the sizing for the drama, and I got a haircut and made it shorter to suit the role. 

    TUE/23 - Nakayama- I LOVE YAKITORI<3 - I went to a yaki-tori place I’ve always wanted to go. I love the sweet tsukune<3

                  -Chinen - To Okinawa for Calendar shooting! - This year, we went to Miyako-jima. The beach was sooo beautiful!

    Job Photo - Drama “Tsubasa yo! Are ga Koi no Akari da!” feat. Nakayama Yuma

    Drama info of Yuma! This time, he is challenging for a roleof an angel (the shooting is already over). 7WEST’s Shigeoka & Kameyama is in it as well!

    Captions: When the 3 who know eachother are featured together, the acting is perfect!?

                   It’s a comedy drama where the angels help the humans form couples~

    Sano Tomoyuki (Nakayama Yuma) 

    My past roles were mainly cool, calm roles, and this time it’s a role where I talk a lot and laugh a lot, so it is new to me. Might be because of that, but I couldn’t really laugh well at first(笑). The acting was more of free than along the script, so it was fun!

    Kato Junpei (Shigeoka Daiki)

    My role is a not-so-cool college student, who gets supported by the angels. I’m a living human being, so I can’t see the angels, and it was hard acting that out! 

    Yamashita Toshio (Kamiyama Tomohiro) 

    My role is an unenthusiastic, lazy angel. So during the shooting, I was being unenthusiastic and lazy to make my character!(笑)I was being careful in the timing to crack the jokes, so please watch carefully there!

    November’s Shopping List

    Yu-ma- Notepad Computer - My old computer ran out of memory, so I got a new one. It’s red-ish purple, and really cool!

    Ryo-suke - A Game App - It’s a game where you throw a coin and defeat the zombies, and I’m so into it!

    Yu-ri - Sanpin Tea - When I come to Okinawa, I always think, “I have to drink this!”