1. Myojo February 2012 Translation Part 14

    ( 14 Jan ~  Saturday 9pm~ NTV)


    2012, Yama-chan’s gonna be a hyper mother complex guy!?

    Suzuki Daichi (Yamada Ryosuke)

    Suzuki Umi (Suzuki Kyoka)

    Mifune Kengo (Fujigaya Taisuke)

    Kobayashi Kouji (Nakajima Yuto)

    The role Ryosuke will challenge from the start of the year is a hyper mother complex boy who confidently states, “the ideal type of female would be like my mother” . And the mother is played by the beautiful actress, Suzuki Kyoka-sama. The mother, Umi tries hard to grow her son as an ideal son, but the effect is too big, and sometimes she finds her son annoying, untrustworthy… But her new work place is a locally infamous boy’s school’s canteen. “I’ll protect Mum.” Says Daichi, and transferrs schools, which leads to a change in the relationship of the two…!?