1. MYOJO February 2014 - Chinen Yuri 10,000 Letter Long Interview

    My dream? “To get into JE”.
    -So, what were you like when you were little?
    Umm…I wasn’t really shy or anything.
    When I was little, my parents used to hold a gymnastics class. My older sister; she’s 2 years older than me, and she used to take lessons there. I was so tiny back then I couldn’t stay back home by myself so I’d go to that gym with them waiting for them to finish up. I used to talk to all the parentals so I guess that’s why I wasn’t too shy back then.
    -Didn’t you do gymnastics?
    I…well, that didn’t really come to mind for some reason. And there’s also that I started dance when I was 3 years old, and from then my world was about dancing.
    -What got you dancing?
    I don’t actually remember that well, but I think it’s my mum. I recall at first, I felt that dancing was hard; I kept on moving opposite ways because of my inability to keep with the rhythm.
    -But you endured it.
    I think it’s that feeling of accomplishment that you get as commitment proves to overcome your weaknesses one by one. After two years, I begged my parents to put me in with another class.
    -Then, when did you first display interest in JE?
    I wonder. At first, it was that my older sister and my mum liked Sakurai (Sho)-kun, and I guess I was influenced by that. By the time I was in preschool even I liked JE, and my dream was “To get into JE”. It was right when Arashi had debuted, and I was always singing to their songs.
    -And…you and your love for Ohno (Satoshi)-kun is pretty well known.
    I went to Arashi’s live when I was in Year 1 or 2. Until then I had this impression that Ohno-kun, don’t get me wrong, but I had this impression that he was that carefree guy. But then on stage, when I saw him there, dancing, he was so different, so kakkoii. I really wanted to stand on that stage, and amaze everybody like him.
    -So it was your will to audition for JE.
    Yes. I sent off my resume at the end of Year 3, and my mum was so excited about it.
    -How did you feel when you were told that you passed the first stage?
    A little into Year 4, the letter with all the second stage dates & locations arrived. I was so happy. I was like, “Yes!”
    -How was the audition?
    I lived in Shizuoka back then, so I had to go on a bullet train with my mum-I was so nervous. I mean, they were going to judge on my dancing and everything. I didn’t really think about getting in or not getting in, but then again, I spent my life dancing since I was three, so I didn’t want to lose to other boys.
    -You auditioned for “Ninja Hattori-kun” straight after the JE audition, right?
    Johnny-san came up to me and he was like, “Hey, are you interested in auditioning? Go ask your mother if you can audition.” I originally wanted to get into JE to dance, so I thought movies were totally out of the question. I was like, “Let’s go hooommmeee” “I wanna sleeeppp” “Let’s go hooooommmeee” to my mum, all whinging. But she was like, “I’ll get you a new game” so I ended up auditioning. (笑)
    I passed the audition for the movie too, so really, it was two birds with one stone. (笑)It’s baffling when you think about it. Had I not auditioned for the movie, I may not have been here at all.
    -How was shooting for the movie?
    During the filming, I lived in a hotel in Tokyo for about a month and a half. In the interview that was part of the making-of, I remember saying that it was fun, and I didn’t feel lonely at all. I pretended I was tough. Whereas actually, I was always feeling lonely, and there were times when I fell a little ill. Those times my mum came straight from Shizuoka. It was heart-warming for me, and I felt really supported.
    Yabu-kun, who was sitting next to me, hit me on the knees
    -And so, after that your activities as a Jr kept on growing?
    I was still living in Shizuoka, so it was only sometimes for interviews that they called me on. So, at first I didn’t really do things like dancing behind senpais.
    Even when they called me on for interviews, I wouldn’t have friends so I’d be just sitting there, nervous, until the photographer would call my name. I’d do my shoots, and then sit back down on that chair, shutting up to myself. The others would be used to it, so they’d be chatting and playing games.
    -Did you want someone to talk to you?
    Well…not really because I’d grow even more nervous. (笑)From what I remember, there was this time when I happened to have an interview with Yabu (Kota)-kun. We didn’t have much of a conversation, but Yabu-kun, who was sitting next to me, would hit me on the knees, and I’d hit him back. I think actions like those got my to slowly blend in.
    -Were you able to see Ohno-kun through becoming a Jr.?
    Once when I went to Tokyo for an interview, Matsumoto (Jun)-kun was shooting at the same studio. I went to greet him, and I told him that I loved Arashi. He asked me which song I liked best, and I said, “Tomadoinagara”-he told me I was old fashioned. (笑)I also told him that I was going to their concert in Nagoya, and he invited me backstage.
    -So you met Ohno-kun for the first time backstage of that concert?
    Yes. They were all doing their make-up and everything, and as soon as I spotted Ohno-kun, Sakurai-kun came up to me and played with my cheeks and everything-I was so happy I don’t even remember what I said to Ohno-kun. (笑)
    After that, they let me in backstage to the Jr.’s room. All of a sudden, some guy came up to me and asked me if I knew who they were. My mum whispered in my ear that it was Kitayama (Hiromitsu)-kun-now that I think of it, that was Kitayama-kun. And Fujigaya (Taisuke)-kun was there too.
    -How did you feel about debuting back then?
    At that live, I saw the all the audience from the path connecting to the stage. I aspired to walk further on the path to get to the other side, where you could get a clearer and larger view of the audience. But back then, all I wanted to do was dance, first behind senpais, eventually behind Arashi.
    I want to dance with him.
    -How did you feel about not being called on because you lived in Shizuoka?
    I saw a lot of Jr.’s on TV. (Nakajima) Yuto-kun and (Yamada) Ryosuke started to dance in positions that drew a lot of attention, and I envied them. Especially when I saw Ryosuke on TV, I wanted to dance with him.
    -You moved to Tokyo when you started Middle School?
    I moved because of my father’s job. I always wanted to move to Tokyo so I could do more as a Jr. It came at a great time, really. Everything is about luck and timing in my life. (笑)
    -Did your activities as a Jr. flourish after moving?

    Yes. Straight after I moved, I was called on for a rehearsal of Jr.’s concert at Budokan. I practiced as normal, and then the next day, for some reason I was put in position with the main crew of the Jr.’s. People like Ryosuke, Yuto-kun, Inoo (Kei)-chan and (Arioka) Daiki-kun were there. I was like, “EH!?” because they were all the members you saw on TV; I was so happy. Yeah, extremely happy.
    -And so your aspirations to dance with Yamada-kun were suddenly coming true.
    Yes. Back then, everyone used to call Ryosuke “Yama-chan”. I wanted to befriend him, so I fooled around and called him “Kaba-chan” and he was like, “Hey, I’m gonna get angry at you” but then I’d still call him “Kaba-chan”…it was fun.(笑)
    -I’m sure it wasn’t absolutely filled with happiness, didn’t you face hardships too?
    Well…I guess…it was hard keeping up with the choreography that everyone already knew, having to learn it from the top.
    -It was hard even for you?
    I used take lessons about 5 times per week, so I thought it’d be easy. But actually, there was an immense amount of choreography, with so little time to remember. A Jr. needs to learn choreography to a song in 3-4 hours. Maybe even two songs. It was difficult at first, not being able to keep up with the sheer speed, even when I’ve been dancing all my life.
    -How did you overcome that?
    When we got free time during rehearsals, I asked people like Ryosuke and Yuto-kun to go over the choreography with me. The choreography also differed between everyone, so it was like, ask this guy for this song, as another guy for that song.
    -That sounds troubling.
    Well, I didn’t really think of it as trouble. I liked dancing, and there was that joy of being able to stand on stage that kept me going. I could finally stand on that stage.
    -How was it, being able to stand on stage for the first time at the Budokan concert?
    At a rehearsal, I was fooling around with Ryosuke and I was showing-off a ballet pirouette. Our choreographer happened to see me doing it, so he was like, “Hey, what do you think about doing that in the opening?” So I instantaneously got a solo. It’s pretty incredible.
    -A sudden promotion.
    In the opening, I’d go out there by myself, doing pirouettes, and I could feel the other Jr.’s and the audience thinking who the hell is this boy. But it felt good to finally stand on that stage.
    I saw the collected members, I was struck.
    -In 2007 you were chosen to be part of Hey!Say!7.
    I was called on when I was dancing behind KAT-TUN, with the other 4. Johnny-san had a white board with him, and he’d write “Hey!Say!7” on it. It was as if he was saying, “This is you guys from now on.” I was so happy; it was the first time ever that I was part of a group.
    -And 6 months after that your debut as Hey!Say!JUMP was decided.
    Yes. At first we were told it was just another magazine interview, but when I arrived at the meeting, there, there were the Hey!Say!7 members as usual, but there were also Yabu-kun and (Yaotome) Hikaru-kun and Inoo-chan so I thought it was strange. But then I realized that it was right before the volleyball championships, and there was that question of debuts arising within the Jr.’s. Back then Ya-Ya-Yah, A.B.C., Kis-My-Ft2, J.J. Express were the main groups in the Jr.’s, and then below them were us, Hey!Say!7. So it was assumed that one of the four groups were going to debut. I never thought it was going to be us. Because, it hadn’t even been a year since I moved to Tokyo and finally started dancing with the other Jr.’s. But as soon as I saw the collected members, I was struck. I saw the possibility of a debut.
    -And you were correct.
    Apparently there were members who were told prior to that date, but I was one of those who weren’t, so I was there, curious yet excitedly aware of the situation. (笑)
    -An unexpectedly early debut. Didn’t you feel lost?
    Well, I didn’t really have time to feel lost. We had our concert at Tokyo Dome, left with the puzzling question of why we held our concert at somewhere so big. I can’t even remember what the concert was like; I was so nervous. The best I could do back then was to dance as I was trained, sing as I was told.
    -All your dreams came true at a sudden jolt.
    Yes. So it was a shame I didn’t get to dance behind Arashi in the end. But then again, that’s too much to ask.
    -It may be so.
    I couldn’t just give up there, so after I debuted, I told Ohno-kun I wanted to dance behind them, but he was like, “Nope, you’ve debuted, Chinen-kun.” I still wanted to do something with him. Like how Taguchi (Junnosuke)-kun and Higashiyama (Noriyuki)-san did a stage. I hope to be able to do that sort of thing with him one day.
    Whether my high school life would be fruitful, I knew it was all up to me.
    -Is there anything else in particular that you felt about debuting?
    Um…well sometimes, maybe it’s just me being oversensitive, but from time to time I felt the glares from other Jr.’s. I think we all felt it. We skipped over A.B.C and Kis-My-Ft2, and all the other senpai’s we respected. There were times when they had to dance behind us, and we felt very uncomfortable and sorry.
    -Any senpai’s you were good friends with?
    Tsuka-chan (Tsukada Ryoichi). Tsuka-chan didn’t just support me in acrobatic terms, but he was also took very good care of me overall. Often we went home together, and he’d treat me to a meal. It was especially touching how even after we debuted, he still treated me the same, even thought he must’ve felt something about us.
    -You debuted when you were in 2nd Year middle school. After that you went to Horikoshi High School with Yamada-kun & Nakajima-kun.
    Well, to be honest, I didn’t really want to go to high school. (笑)We already made our debut. I thought that meant it was better for me to concentrate on following that single path. I thought through it until the very last minute, and I applied.
    -What made you decide so?
    One thing was that people from my agency advised me to “Think about my fans”. And, I thought about it. Fans of my age. Fans of younger ages. I decided to follow this path. So I felt there was no point in going to high school. But I was only assuming there was no point, it was not an opinion deriving from experience. If, just what if someone decided not to go to high school, just because “Chinen-kun didn’t go”? Whether my high school life would be fruitful, I didn’t know, but I knew it was all up to me. That’s why I decided that if I were to go, I would do everything properly,  would go to school, and do my job.
    -I see. So, how was high school?
    It was so much fun. I’m glad I went. (笑)I was separated from Ryosuke at one point, but I was in the same class as Yuto-kun the whole time.
    -What kind of memories do you have?
    I was literally with Yuto-kun the whole time. And, well, maybe it’s a bit weird saying this myself, but us two were pretty straight forward and when we had volley ball for sport, we were like, “Yep, let’s do this. I mean volley ball=us.” (笑)And when we saw classmates cheating, we were like, “Let’s keep to the rules!”
    With Yuto-kun, when we were 1st Years, there was some school event where we stayed over for 3 nights or so, and he was chosen for the male leader, nominated by our teacher. It was such a hard job that he got a little bit sick but then, even now, when Yuto-kun and I are talking, we go back to that high school sort of mood, and we feel a little reminiscent.
    -And in 2nd Year high school, you became part of NYC.
    It wasn’t something you could just do, you know, be a part of two groups simultaneously, so it was great. Except, there’s only the three of us in NYC, which meant if we appeared in a TV show, the likelihood is that we’d all be having to talk-and that was nerve wracking. (笑)I’m glad Ryosuke was there with me, and it has also been a great chance for me to realize the importance of members. It’s just that even now, for most of the time our activities are with JUMP, so I genuinely feel guilty for Yuma, at the same time, I really do feel that Yuma is a very strong person.
    At times we laughed, at times we cried. That’s how we earnt everything; one by one.
    -I acknowledge that you put a lot of time and effort into everything you do. But it seems all too fairy-tale-like hearing your story.
    I guess I faced less hardships than everyone else. 80% of my achievements are consisted of luck. I’m a believer in that everyone will face the same amount of hardships not matter what; whether it be earlier in their career, or later. Even looking at JUMP as a whole, you can tell that it’s mostly just luck. We were just luckier than other groups. So I’m sure there will be many things in the future that we would have to face. I try to remind myself that we are all fighters, constantly in a battle. Most of all, I believe that we can make it through.
    -I see.
    When we debuted, we weren’t very used to standing on the stage. It was like we were constantly tight-roping unlike other groups who had the experience to get over all these things. We only just made it. But as we did all these things, we had our fans with us. Looking back on it now, we cried a lot.
    -You did?
    The last stage of our 2nd year tour was at Tokyo Dome. We were alone that time, unlike at our debut, and the seats were full. We saw the seats high above lighting up with pen lights, and it was so beautiful we all cried. We never said direct words, but there we finally knew for sure that we all felt the same way. Our bonds grew stronger. You know, fans are so powerful. They in fact are the source of our power. We stand on the stage so we can make them smile, cheer them up, so we can give them power. But when you think about it, our fans give us more power than we can ever give them.
    We all cried at our 2nd SUMMARY too. I did the trapeze for the first time. Ryosuke tight-roped for the first time. It was fully packed; I’m pretty sure that was one of the hardest shows we’ve done. At the rehearsals, we didn’t really pull it off. I guess we never actually been through a rehearsal without someone falling. We were all dreading the outcomes because the quality was so poor; I mean, how could we let our audience see this? When we managed to pull the full show off on the very first day at the very first performance, we all cried. You may think that crying comes along only with the last day. But we were so worried that this performance was going to be a failure.
    -You were that anxious?
    We were lucky to have debuted so early. But that meant our experience, nor our performance were up to the mark. At times we laughed, at times we cried. That’s how we earnt everything; one by one.
    -Arioka-kun mentioned that when things weren’t going too well for him at SUMMARY, your text helped him pull through.
    I…don’t actually remember that one. (笑)But it’s warming to know that what I did helped Daiki.
    -So, do you have occasions when you were helped by your members?
    Oh, countless times. When I had to do the trapeze at SUMMARY, we couldn’t spend a lot of time on it in the rehearsal. Every practice was important, and as I was about to pull off my trick, I saw my members, silent, looking at me, in my eyes, so I can concentrate. That’s when I thought, “They’re looking at me. They’re there for me. I can do this.”  When I pulled it off, my members came up to me and gave me a high-five. Really, I’ve always been supported by my members.
    -If there was another factor that allowed you to overcome your hardships, what would you say that is?
    Well, if you were to really dig deep into this, I’d say it’s my love for this job. But I mean it when I say that my members are the largest contributing factor. When I face any doubts, my members are there for me. When I face any failures, my fans will be there for me. So I can continue to face new challenges, and that’s how I’ve always pulled through the hard times. Although I shouldn’t be over dependent on my fans, I guess I can’t really help but count on them. (笑)
    The real JUMP is still to come.
    -It seems as though so far, JUMP has been following some shiny path, but hearing your story it lets us see that you have done everything step by step.
    It’s not to be put in past tense, we’re still moving on, step by step. We’ve only just started to grasp the meaning behind Johnny-san’s words.
    -Johnny-san’s words?
    “You guys should just do what you want.” He always said so. “Just do what you want” It’s not like we held ourselves back from what we wanted to do, we were just…reluctant. Some part of us wasn’t sure whether it was the right thing to display such opinions. But now, we’re all comfortable in believing what Johnny-san has told us. JUMP became more like…JUMP. Now, when we are to have concerts, we try to put in as much as we can, telling everyone of our opinions on what we want to do for our fans. That’s how we’re changing.
    -I see.
    JUMP used to be a very obedient group. Someone from JE would be like, do this, and then do that, you’ll be fine, and we’d all just nod and do as we were told. But now we’re able to tell them what we want to do ourselves. I think that’s how JUMP is going to become JUMP from now on.
    -Do what you want to do. It’s simple, but it’s also very important.
    Of course maintaining that balance is hard. There was this one time when JE wanted us to do this thing at one of our concerts. But from our point of view, we weren’t all too enthusiastic on that. Our choreographer-I guess he picked it up from our body language- he just said, “There’ll be times like this. But this is for your good. For now, do as you are told to the best you can.” It’s only recently we became aware of what we should do, and what we want to do. And the time’s finally come. It’s now our time, when we can do what we really want to do. It’s already been 6 years since our debut, but the real JUMP’s only starting. Our members have started to tell each other how they feel, and say what they wanted to say. It’s only just started. The real JUMP is still to come.
    I want to see a view that no other group has seen ever before, with the 9 of us.
    -So you guys haven’t had huge fights within members?
    Nope. Seriously, we haven’t had fights. It’s more like, Daiki & I are talking, and Hikaru-kun happens to be sandwiched in between us, and he just yells at us “STOP YELLING INTO MY EARS WHAT ARE YOU GUYS? SPEAKERS!?”…and Daiki & I quietly complain (笑)Even when this stuff has to do with work, we’d tell each other how we don’t feel quite right about it, but whenever it’s about to break into an argument, we just stop. I guess it’s because most of our members are the type of people who try to avoid arguments as much as possible. I’m like that too.
    -By the way, did you have any rebellious times during your childhood?
    Um…well, not really. Maybe when I was in the younger grades at primary school. When I was playing with my class mates at the playground, I accidentally made one of my friends fall over and injure themselves. It wasn’t that much of a big deal but the school contacted my parents. When I went home my mum was crying. She was like, “Why do you do this,” I never made my mum cry. I felt really guilty, and that was when I learnt that even if you didn’t mean it, you could hurt someone and make them sad. I guess that’s how I came to sense potential dangers and tried not to get involved.
    -Because you don’t want to hurt anyone?
    Yes. But now, I see that with these members, I don’t have to worry about clashing in opinions and fighting over them. Because, we can all cry, not just a few, all of us are mates who can cry at that single view.
    -It’s getting to the final questions…so, have you ever considered becoming a gymnast instead?
    -Then how about quitting JE?
    No. I don’t think there’s anything else but this for me. I’ve never even thought about living a life without JE.
    -Now it’s truly the final question. What sort of group do you want Hey!Say!JUMP to be?
    What sort of group…it’s hard to verbalise, really. It’s not like we want to take someone, or some group as a model to do this. I want to go somewhere no other group has ever been before, I want to see a view that no other group has every seen before, with the 9 of us, and with our fans. I believe that Hey!Say!JUMP can do this. Hey!Say!JUMP can get to a view that nobody’s ever seen.

  2. Come to our Party- 7 Party- Hey! Say! 7 crosstalk POPOLO 2013.08

    We’re all willing to hold a 7 party…
    BEST holds a “BEST Party”, right?
    Chinen: As well as a “Z-kai”.
    Nakajima: That’s tutoring!
    Okamoto: But unfortunately, a “7 Party”…
    Yamada: You guessed it, doesn’t exist!
    Nakajima/Chinen: Yep~
    Yamada: But Keito & I used to eat out together quite often.
    Chinen: I remember Yutie asked me to go on one of those swan boats with him in Inogashira Kouen once-and I went on it with him.
    Okamoto: You went on one with me too.
    Yamada: And yet, we’ve never went out even after we’ve had work together.
    Okamoto: Maybe we’re actually too bad a friend to each other
    Yamada: Right!!
    7: *Laughs*
    Chinen: Excuse me.
    Nakajima: You may speak, Chinen-san!
    Chinen: The other day, after work, I asked all you guys out to eat and you guys were like, “I can’t eat now” and Keito was like, “Oh, sorry I have plans after this”
    Nakajima: See? Chinen-san is getting hot under the collar here. Guys, go eat out with him!
    Yamada: WTF man, you were the one here who couldn’t go in the first place cause of work!
    Nakajima: True that, but you know
    Okamoto: But really, we do genuinely want to have a “7 Party”
    Let’s hold a 7 Games Party
    Then since we’re all here, maybe we can hold our first “7 Party” here?
    Nakajima: Yay! Let’s do this!
    Okamoto: Good idea. But if we held our first 7 Party here, we’d all be ordering whatever we want, and we’d just be eating silently.
    Yamada/Chinen: True~
    Okamoto: Which, is kinda because when we have crosstalks like this we tell each other whatever we need to.
    Chinen: Yeah~. If we spew out whatever we need to at the “7 Party” we won’t have anything to talk about here!
    Yamada: That’s worrying.
    (笑)But since it’s a good chance, let’s do this. So…Yuto, how’s life?
    Nakajima: Well right now I’m filming for a drama…But yeah, the other day I went out with my camera…and watched a movie.
    Chinen: Except he got into trouble cause he recorded the movie on his camera.
    Nakajima: Ya think?
    Chinen: Well I went to an arcade yesterday.
    Yamada/Nakajima: Eh, really!?
    Okamoto: Hey, you guys are pretty much saying the same thing as you said for your other interviews.
    Chinen: Then how about this: the other day I connected my keyboard to the laptop so I was playing around mixing sounds.
    Okamoto: Well I went to uni and then went shopping. How about Yama-chan?
    Yamada: What do you mean, “How about Yama-chan?” !?
    (笑)I wanted to go shopping, but I didn’t want to go alone so I called you and you replied no because you had uni!
    Okamoto: Whoops.
    Yamada: And so I went shopping all by myself.
    Chinen: Ooooh, I wonder what Yama-chan wanted to buy that he invited Keito~
    Nakajima: Getting into the mood of a 7 Party, eh?
    Yamada: Well my intension wasn’t just to go shopping. I used to go out with Keito a lot, but these days we weren’t going as much so I asked him.
    Chinen: Ooooh so did Yama-chan try to buy Keito’s heart with monneyyyyy?
    Yamada: Totally! ….not.
    Nakajima: Then, would Yama-chan come and watch a movie with me around my local area if I ask you out~?
    Yamada: Why can’t it be like, Shibuya or Shinjuku?
    Nakajima: It’s too far from my place~
    Okamoto: Okay then, Yutie, virtually place yourself in Shibuya, and call me.
    Nakajima: Moshi moshi, Keito? I’m in Shibuya now, and…I’m feeling a little lonely, so can you come?
    Okamoto: Sorry, I’m kinda in the middle of class here at uni…
    Yamada: Yeah, so, this happens.
    3 days before our first 7 Party Yamada the organizer will call you all!
    So, realistically speaking, if we were to hold a “7 Party” we need to go out to eat somewhere.
    Okamoto: Then let’s go yakiniku since you like it.
    Nakajima: Super expensive yakiniku.
    Yamada: But really, next time someone suggests going out to eat, let’s make a rule that we do not refuse.
    Chinen: If you refuse, you’re kicked out of 7!
    Okamoto: Eh~? Isn’t that a bit harsh?
    Nakajima: With the exception of work, right?
    Yamada: Nope, no exceptions.
    Chinen: So then Yama-chan’s the organizer.
    Yamada: I’ll give you guys a call 3 days prior so you guys HAVE TO keep that day free!
    Nakajima: And, what about it being Chinen’s treat?
    Chinen: Eh~? Fine then, fine! I’ll pay next time!
    Yamada/Nakajima: Kakkoii~~
    Okamoto: Chinen’s like, “next time” but it’s actually the first time.
    Yamada: Okay then, I’ll try and find a really expensive place.
    Nakajima: I’m in charge of cooking!
    Okamoto: I’m in charge of following!
    Yamada: So…I’m taking it as Keito being in charge of following means he’s not gonna eat.
    Okamoto: Hey, let me eat!

  3. Duet July 2013 crosstalk Chinen x Yabu

    -What is JUMP like backstage at a concert?
     In concerts, we’re usually discussing the changes made with the performance with the staff, or when we get to an hour before the show starts we all start preparing individually.
    Yabu: I don’t know why, but JUMP tends to crowd around wherever there’s a sofa. But then if someone’s hogging the sofa to themselves and are like, sleeping on it, we all seem to find somewhere else to crowd around. And ususually, it’s me who’s hogging the sofa(笑)
    Chinen: Yeah, I see Kou-chan sleeping a lot. Like, it’s usually me who he asks to wake him up at a specific time.
    Yabu: Well it’s easier to ask Yuri than anyone else cuz you’re usually awake the whole time.
    Chinen: Yeah, it’s not like I do anything specific within that time but I’m usually awake.
    Yabu: Don’t you like, game?
    Chinen: Not really-
    Yabu: I mean with me, it’s either I’m talking or I’m asleep, and whenever there’s A.B.C-Z, I go around to their room.
    Chinen: But in the Tokyo Dome performance the other day A.B.C-Z were there but Kou-chan was asleep.
    Yabu: Yeah, well, with that it was after I had a whole babble with them and I came back.(笑)Anyway even during “JOHNNYS’ WORLD” I was like that everyday. Like, after a performance, I’d go get lunch with Shori and go to Totsu or Kawai-kun’s room, talking endlessly there. I mean, it’ll be an everyday thing for me, Shori, Tsuka-chan, and Goseki-kun to come together in their room. 
    Chinen: Speaking of which, Kou-chan had a room to himself in JOHNNYS’ WORLD, right? Weren’t you lonely?
    Yabu: Nah, I don’t particularly mind being alone. Just that whenever A.B.C-Z’s around I want to communicate with them.
    -Of course, as expected of someone who openly announced that their ichiban was A.B.C-Z in their concert!
    Yep.(笑)Anyway whenever I went to Totsu’s room he’d always share the treats he had with me. Be like, “Oh, today we’ve got red bean bread…Itadakimasu
    Chinen: But remember I’ve been visiting your room from time-to-time? I usually find that when I open the door, you’re asleep so I just end up going back to my room.
    Yabu: Yuri was in a room with Yamada & Yuto right? Your room was pretty terrible…I mean, wasn’t it super messy?
    Chinen: No matter how many times I tidy it, it goes all messy again. I even remember someone’s juice just kept in the freezer for the whole time.(笑)
    -Is there anything backstage that just the two of you do?
    I high-five Chinen every time I see him.
    Chinen: Be like, “Uwe-i!” …we do it a few times a day, don’t we?
    YabuI reckon if we add up the total of times we high five each other it’ll be past 20.
    -Like in the photos we’ve taken today, do you two often read magazines backstage?
    Nope. I don’t really read magazines anyway. I did have a time when I used to read novels.
    Yabu: I don’t usually read magazines either. I do read manga sometimes. Anyway, speaking of what we both do-we watch soccer and its super replays!
    Chinen: Oh yeah those videos?
    Yabu: Yeah. And we’re just going crazy over all the unreal plays.
    Chinen: That’s just backstage in our rooms though. Speaking of which, in Shizuoka, Keito, Ino-chan & I were having this joking competition when we were watching a TV show where viewers can submit their jokes…and then Ino-chan was like, “Let’s submit our jokes as well” and then he was like, “Chinen, you think of one too!” so I did, and I submitted a few…but none of them were accepted.
    Yabu: Ahaha. Well in my case when I was watching the news backstage,Yuya kept on asking me questions about politics these days and stuff like Abenomics so I explained everything to him.
    Chinen: As expected of Kou-chan.
    Yabu: Being with Yuya is so much easier for me because I don’t have to worry about being considerate around him. Not that I feel the need to be considerate around you either-since we go home together after work quite often. And not that we mention it a lot- but we do go out quite often in our private lives too.
    Chinen: Yeah, we’ve been to darts before with Kou-chan’s friend.
    Yabu: Yeah!
    Chinen: And in JOHNNYS’ WORLD Kou-chan’s mum and my mum happened to come on the same day so we ate out together after the performance.
    Yabu: Yeah- I remember that!
    Chinen: Except we don’t really go out these days…cuz Kou-chan never comes to paint ball.
    -Dai-chan said that Yabu-kun might come if they passionately continued to ask him.
    Yeah, um, I don’t think so.(笑)
    Yabu: Sorry…I can’t shoot those who I love…I’m sorry….I can’t do it…
    Chinen: So, these days the only thing we’ve done together is eat ramen.
    Yabu: Yeah, you know, I kinda find it awkward asking someone out to eat. I’m just like, “I’m hungry-” and that’s it. If someone goes “Hey, so do you wanna go out to eat ramen then?” I’ll definitely say yes. (笑)It’s just with Keito I can be like, “Okay, let’s go eat ramen!!!” 
    Chinen: That’s just cuz he never says no(笑)
    Yabu: with Hikaru, it’s half-half on whether I can ask him out or not. With Chinen or Dai-chan…you two never come so I just don’t try.
    Chinen: Don’t say that! Try! You know, it’s not like you’re gonna die if we say no.
    Yabu: I’m scared of being told no, okay! So…you can ask me out next time.(笑)

  4. FB Page Open!!!

    So…tobbikos out there how have you been?
    Yes, my apologies for my inability to keep a constant pace in updating…it would be very helpful once again if you guys could keep sending me requests :))
    It’s that time of the year-half yearlies. Mine finish tomorrow so from then onwards I will be able to rummage through the overdue works.
    Meanwhile, Ganbaletsgo on your exams, everyone!

    As the title suggests, I have opened up a FB page…on this page I will be posting smaller translations perhaps from TV shows and I’ll be updating on my personal life as a JEotaku, so look out for it!

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  5. Hey! Say! 7 crosstalk WINK UP June 2013

    That came with bit of a shock. (笑)I mean…I didn’t think he’d wear stuff like that…
    Yamada: I’ll just keep this clear before the crosstalk starts…Keito! Make sure you don’t stain that yellow sweater you’re wearing, ok? I’m planning to buy that. Don’t you even leave a drop of sweat on it!
    Okamoto: O,okay but dude…the more you pressure me the more I sweat.
    Nakajima: What was it that you liked so much about the sweater?
    Yamada: The colour and style. I kinda like how it has that rough touch to it.
    Okamoto: And most of all…I’m the one wearing it
    Yamada: Shut up. It’s going straight to the washing machine once I get home.
    (笑)So, do you guys buy the clothes that you wear in shoots? Or do you just go out and buy them normally?
    Nakajima: I remember Chinen buying a Hawaiian shirt last year…that bright red one.
    Yamada: That came with bit of a shock.
    (笑)I mean…I didn’t think he’d wear stuff like that…
    Chinen: Oh yeah that shirt I wore in WINK UP. It was before the summer season and you know…I felt aloha. I wore that one quite a lot…
    Nakajima: Didn’t you wear that in Thailand too? You were fitting in perfectly!
    Yamada: Yeah he did~ you know, even if you know it’s for work, you get high when you go overseas.
    Chinen: Speaking of which, apparently BEST were talking about SMAP’s 5-person trip in their crosstalk. I saw that episode too!
    Yamada/Okamoto: Me too!
    Nakajima: Shoot, I’m the only one here who hasn’t seen it…
    Yamada: Haven’t you seen Nakai-kun balling over?
    Nakajima: I’ve seen it in the spoilers.
    Yamada: He starts to cry as everyone sings “BEST FRIEND” in karaoke.
    Chinen: I reckon Ryosuke would be the one sitting at the counter singing his heart out.
    Yamada: That might be quite true. Like, I’m the one who likes to sing first in karaokes.
    Chinen: See! And when we become SMAP’s age, Keito would be the one ordering wine.
    Okamoto: So I’m like that in character?
    Nakajima: I wonder what it would be like if us 4 go on a trip together.
    Okamoto: Oh NO. NO. NO. TOO. MUCH. TROUBLE.
    Yamada: What are you so afraid of?
    Chinen: I really want to go for a trip though! You know, like a driving trip!
    Okamoto: You sound extremely enthusiastic but you’re not going to do anything, are you?
    Chinen: Nope.
    Yamada: Just casually.
    (笑)What if you were told to deicide on somewhere to eat?
    Chinen: NO. I can’t take that sort of responsibility! I mean, I’d rather starve.
    Nakajima: Titf
    Okamoto: But I’m kinda starting to think it might not be too bad to have a go.
    Nakajima: Sounds fun. Alright then, well when we’re going on a trip, I’ll come pick you up at your door on my car.
    Everyone: Kakkoii~
    Yamada: Except the problem is; can Yuto-kun wake up early enough?
    Nakajima: I’ll do my best- I’ll even set two alarms!
    Yamada: The other day in the Shizuoka performance I was in the same hotel room as Yuto-kun…he just would not wake up.
    Nakajima: Nah, I wake up when the alarm goes off.
    Yamada: Uh, no you don’t. It was vibrating for about 20 minutes.
    Chinen: 20 minutes is quite intense
    Yamada: And his phone was on the desk, so it was making this weird sound…but I didn’t stop it cause it was his phone…and it went off for 20 minutes.
    Nakajima: My apologies.
    Chinen: I was in the same room as Ino-chan & Keito. I said “Let’s wake up at half past 8” and then Keito was like, “Okay…can you wake me up?”
    Yamada: Yeah, Keito & Dai-chan don’t wake up very well at all! On top of that they’re in a bad mood…as if they’re about to step on your face.
    Chinen: Yeah, Keito…even if you wake him up, he’d be like, “Yeah, yeah, okay.” And then he goes back to sleep. I swear he could sleep for another 2 or 3 hours straight.
    Nakajima: Lol ikr! Chinen’s impression is so like him.
    (笑)He like, puts a bothersome smile on his face and goes back to sleep.
    Yamada: Eh, what, he smiles? Acting so differently as he does to me!
    (笑)And you too Chinen! You’re making it sound as if you’re the sensible one but you don’t wake up either!
    Chinen: Eh, I was awake on time you know?
    Okamoto: Yep.
    Yamada: What’s with you guys…do you guys just decide to leave it all on me when I’m in your room?
    Nakajima: It’s cause Yama-chan’s the sensible one. You’re never late. Like, the three of us have quite a few problems with time management.

    These days BEST are being the jokers.
    Yeah true, I’m not usually late to things…except I remember once I was SUPER LATE to a drama shooting. It was like a scene where I was supposed to draw something in the art room…I think I caused a lot of trouble for Chinen & Yuto-kun.
    Nakajima: Oh~ yeah, such a long time ago!
    Yamada: When I woke up, I was lightly going, “Gosh, gotta be kidding me~”
    Chinen: How does one feel when one is that late?
    Yamada: You’re like, “Shit…end of the world” but then you somehow calm down and you’re like, “maybe I should take a shower.”
    Okamoto: Ikr!
    Nakajima: Yeah, I guess people panic the most when it’s a time when you just might make it if you rush.
    Yamada: Yeah. Anyway after that I became much more cautious of sleeping in.
    Nakajima: Cuz really, Yama-chan is never late to things! Hey~ are you sure we can get this trip planned with only Yama-chan being able to get up?
    Yamada: That’s a bit of a concern…Well, let’s do this after we’ve all learnt to wake up properly.
    Chinen: And…at this point in time we’ve finished the Shizuoka performances.
    Okamoto: Yeah, I guess it went quite smooth-you know, not very many troubles.
    Yamada: Just Yuya fooled around with “I’m tired, OVER”
    Nakajima: That was pretty funny! I think that kind of fooling around the fans would like.
    Chinen: These days BEST are being the jokers.
    Okamoto: We’re the sensible team.
    Yamada: True; we’re the team who likes words like, “on time” and “smooth” –so I guess we’re actually more mature than BEST.
    Okamoto: We get into trouble if we joke around too…
    Yamada: Uh, no, BEST are being more stupid than us.
    Nakajima: Ikr! As soon as they’re told in the rehearsal not to do things-they do it in the next performance! They even make us laugh!
    Chinen: Like what?
    Nakajima: In “OVER” where there’s a beep right at the end of the song, I was like verbally saying “beep”.
    Yamada: Yeah, um, NO.
    Nakajima: I just had the sudden urge to say that!
    (笑)Anyway, even we give advice to our kouhai’s like in JOHNNYS’ WORLD.
    Yamada: Yeah. We were like, “Maybe you should do this…like this, and keep that…ok yep.”
    Nakajima: Especially with our sword art cause it’s dangerous if you don’t do it right.
    Okamoto: Me-never. Like, I don’t have the ability and experience to give advice.
    Yamada: Yeah, true.
    Okamoto: Hey! That’s where you’re meant to say, “Nah, Keito, you’re so good! What are you talking about?”
    (笑)Except…I’m a completely different person to who I am now when I’m at “Hyakushikiou”!
    Chinen: What kind of Keito exists there?
    Okamoto: I like, full on tease Takada(Sho) and like Sanada(Yuma). I’M teasing them!
    Yamada: WHAT!? …sorry I can’t imagine that.
    Nakajima: You should bring that kind of Keito out within JUMP too
    Okamoto: yeah, but who do I have to tease?
    Yamada: Well it’s kinda hard because 7 are the peacekeepers who hate ups and downs.
    Chinen: In BEST, yabuhika sometimes fight. …And we really don’t know what to do when that happens.
    Yamada: Ikr! They don’t go easy on each other at all…they like, full on throw each other knives without starting with like…rocks.
    (笑)Even with just telling each other that their positions are wrong, they’re like, “Hey. Position. WHY THE HELL ARE YOU STANDING THERE?” and then the other is like, “FUCK THAT JUST SHUT UP, I DON’T CARE” Like, in 7, we’re all like, “Hey, aren’t you meant to stand there?” we don’t even throw anything. (笑)
    Chinen: But then it’s not like they’re fighting- they just chatter away after that.
    Nakajima: I guess it’s beacause they’re good friends that they can throw knives at each other and not care.
    Okamoto: True. Except…if knives came flying at me I’d tear up.
    Chinen: Yeah, Keito’s like that. But seriously, within JUMP, 7 & BEST are so different. I wonder what chaos it’s going to be if we go on a trip with JUMP.
    Nakajima: Gawd I have no idea!…wait, maybe it is a little forseeable.
    Yamada: Thought so. Except I guess it’s going to be BEST fooling around and 7 the peace makers.
    Okamoto: Well then let’s get that on camera like SMAPxSMAP when that happens.

  6. JUMP’s Ohanami should be on a Houseboat! -Chinen Yuri x Inoo Kei x Takaki Yuya Crosstalk

    Takaki: Spring…is the season a step behind summer!
    Inoo: That’s just for your life evolves around summer.
    (笑)So like you though.
    Chinen: You want summer asap.
    Takaki: Yeah. Summer is so much fun.
    Inoo: Nah, spring’s fun too!
    Takaki: Ah, my birthday was in spring too.
    Chinen/Inoo: Omedeto~
    Takaki: Awks you’re telling me now…
    Chinen: Well if you were a student, it’ll be your holiday.
    Takaki: Didn’t matter. I was so popular that even when I was on holidays, people came rushing to my house and I was surrounded by people on my birthday.
    Takaki: Anyway I’ve been spending my past few birthdays at concerts I guess. Well, they’re never on the exact day of my birthday so I usually get celebrations a day or two after.
    Inoo: I guess there is a difference between people whose birthdays come during the concert season and people whose don’t.
    Chinen: Ryosuke and Yuto and stuff always have their birthdays on concert days. On the other hand, Inoo-chan & I are the people whose birthdays are never celebrated…but mine did get celebrated last year at JOHNNYS’ WORLD! I was so happy!
    Inoo: Me-never. But the national tour we’re having this time is quite long so I’m actually in season.
    Takaki: Well in my case I get celebrated by the same amount of people in my private life so…yeah.
    Inoo: Are we still going on with that?
    (笑)Anyway, I don’t think our conversation is supposed to be so pointless…
    Chinen: Then let’s just get onto the next topic! How about our Spring Ohanami Plan? Hanami! Hanami!
    Inoo: How about houseboats? Since they say it’s so hard to get good spots in hanamis.
    Takaki: I’ve been on one before at a Hanabi Taikai-and I can tell you that was great!
    Chinen: Eh-? I’ve never been on a houseboat so I don’t know…I’ve only ever been on some luxurious cruise ships!
    Inoo: Expected of people like Chinen. Of course.
    Takaki: You know, I just thought- with this trio, our conversations go nowhere. We’re all so random!
    Inoo: Then let’s go back to houseboats.
    Takaki: We’ll hold like, a bingo championship!
    Inoo: Eh~? With 9 people?
    Chinen: Well maybe with 9 people we can play Yakyuken. (Translator’s note: Yakyuuen is a game where you play scissors paper rock and if you lose, you take a piece of clothing off…and it continues until some one “loses” –by becoming completely naked)
    Inoo: Yeah, ah, no.
    Takaki: Then you think of something Inoo-kun!
    Inoo: Do we even need events like that? It’s an ohanami, so we can just look at the sakura, sigh at its beauty, and enjoy our time.
    That doki-doki of Class Changes are Privileges of Being a Student!
    So, now we move onto our next topic.
    (笑)So speaking of spring, we think of the new school year and class changes, right?
    Takaki: I wonder how they decide on those things.
    Inoo: The teachers have a meeting and think about the balance, don’t they?
    Chinen: I think so. It’s no fun in festivals if there were classes who were really sporty, and then on the other hand classes that were really brainy.
    Inoo: But I remember being so nervous about class changes.
    Takaki: When they post the sheets that give us the classes, we always check our group of friends and our crush.
    Chinen/Inoo: Definitely!!
    Inoo: But I didn’t actually like class changes. I mean, you get separated from the people you made friends with, and it’s a bother having to start all over again making friends.
    Chinen: But again, you will have situations where you didn’t really like someone, but you get put in the same class, and you discover that theyre actually nice people.
    Takaki: And I was also so nervous about who was going to be our teacher.
    Chinen: Same here. But again, you do discover that some seemingly scary teachers are actually nice.
    Inoo: But these days, there’s nothing in particular that makes you as nervous as class changes.
    Takaki: Nope. So in a sense, maybe that feeling is a privilege of being a student.
    Chinen: Seat changes too.
    Inoo: That’s important! You know, you pull out the lottery and you discover you’re at the back and you feel ecstatic.
    Takaki: Be like, “YAYYYY!!!” and you check where your crush is sitting as well.
    Chinen: I always sat at the front cuz I told the teacher I was short. And if you have bad eyesight you can also tell the teacher and they let you sit at the front with your group of friends.
    Takaki: But sitting at the front isn’t fun.
    Chinen: You guys don’t understand~ the front seats sometimes become black spots for teachers too. Because they’re standing at the teacher’s desk, their eye level is a little higher, so they don’t actually see the people in the front row.
    Inoo: Oh~. And being on the seat next to the windows are good to. They’re relaxing.
    Takaki: I know right! So warm.
    Inoo: So the best position would be at the very back next to the window!
    Chinen: And deciding on the class chores. I was the calling out person…I was like, “Stand up. Bow. Sit down(chakuseki).”
    Takaki: Did you ever go like, “Land(chakuriku). “?
    Chinen: Nah.
    Inoo: I was the feeder, and I fed the goldfishes we had as our class pet.
    Takaki: Same here! We had chickens in our school so I fed them and cleaned their pen.
    Chinen: And there were committees too.
    Inoo/Takaki: Yeah!
    Chinen: I was in the charity committee, and I remember collecting money at the school gates.
    Takaki: I remember people like that being there~. I was always in the broadcasting committee.
    Inoo: Gawd I’m having a terrible day today discovering how similar I am to Takaki.
    (笑)We were broadcasting at lunch and stuff, and we fiddled with the machine so the announcements could only be heard on the 2nd floor and stuff…and the next year I got kicked out. (笑)
    Takaki: While I became the broadcasting committee president.
    Chinen/Inoo: Wow.
    Takaki: Cuz I did it for years. But then after a term a different person did it.
    Inoo: Yeah, that sucks. So, once we’re done, let’s finish up talking about our national tour!
    Takaki: We’re going to so many places. I’m looking forward to that.
    Chinen: I hope a lot of people come.
    Inoo: Personally in June…
    Chinen: It’s the first concert with Inoo-chan’s birthday! Let’s plan a surprise!
    Inoo: If you tell me that here, it won’t be much of a surprise, you know. No point man.
    Chinen: Nonono. The key thing is-how you react upon a surprise you knew was going on.
    Inoo: You’re expecting too much of me!!
    Takaki: Maybe we’ll have an unexpected surprise afterall- we just won’t do anything.
    Inoo: That’s just sad~

  7. Love Profile- Chinen Yuri Wink Up May 2013

    Q. What are three things you would want your “ideal girlfriend” to have?
    - Cheerfulness
    - Grace
    - Fashion

    Q. Do you want to text your crush 24/7?
    Not going to say.(笑)

    Q. Your girlfriend wants to go to a pancake shop that’s so popular you’d have to wait in line for 2hrs. Would you wait?
    Yep. I’ll bring a chair with me too.

    Q. What would you like your girlfriend to call you?

    Q. You’re on a date with her and you bump into your members. What would you do?
    I’ll be like, “My honey~”

    Q. What would you do if your crush happened to have a boyfriend?
    I’ll give up.

    Q. If you were to ask for advice from one of your members, who would you ask?
    I won’t ask anyone.

    Q. If you were to sing a love song to your crush, what would you sing?
    One Love (Arashi)

    Q. Out of JUMP, who do you think would change the most through love?
    Okamoto. He always sticks to Yama-chan, but I think he’ll act with more attitude once he’s in love.

    Q. How would you recover from a broken heart?
    I don’t know. I don’t think I’ll be that depressed anyway.

    Q. Can you allow your girlfriend to eat out with her guyfriends?
    Yea, I guess?

    Q. What would you cook your girlfriend?
    Raw egg with rice.
    Q. Your girlfriend told you she wanted to see you really badly…but it’s midnight, and you have work tomorrow. What would you do?
    Skype her.

    Q. If you were to buy something matching with your girlfriend, what would you get?

    Q. Give us a kanji to represent “love”.
    「知」Because you gain more knowledge.

  8. Yama-chan x Yuto x Yuri YYClub Crosstalk

    So today, we have a special guest with us…Yamada Ryosuke-san!!
    Yama-chan: We-i. Hello hello.
    Yuto&Yuri: We-i

    Yama-chan: So, what’s the theme this time?
    Yuto: Umm, well…”Relationships”
    Yuri: So, to kick off, we must make a point that within us three, Ryosuke has the most relationships, as in, he knows so many people. Cause you’re pretty good friends with (Tanaka) Kouki-kun, right?
    Yama-chan: He’s been taking care of me like a brother since a long time I ago. You two both have senpais like that too, right? Who have you met recently?
    Yuri: Yutie hasn’t met anyone, I think. I mean, you only step out of the house when you have work.
    Yuto: I get too into my hobbies and I don’t hang with people. My social status is like, zero at the moment. I do eat out with Koyama (Keichirou)-kun sometimes, but I haven’t gone for ages.
    Yama-chan: Oh yeah I remember the other day you were like, “Oh I think I’ll go shopping with Hasshi (Hashimoto Ryosuke)” Have you gone already?
    Yuri: You haven’t with Hasshi yet, have you? I know you went with Yabu-kun and Totsu. Hasshi had some other thing that day, right?
    Yama-chan: Oh right. …wait a minute. Why the hell does Chinen know of all this?
    Yuri: Hehehe*proud*
    Yuto: I’ve gone out with Yabu-kun and Totsu quite a few times already. Like to the movies, karaoke…the other day we went looking for jeans. So even Yabu-kun’s like,”We’re like the Golden Trio”
    Yuri: Right-
    Yama-chan: Then which senpais do you hang with Chinen? Ohno-kun?
    Yuri: Nope, I actually haven’t met Ohno-kun in my private life before. I guess the only senpai I have a connection with in private life is like, Yabu Kota. The other day we ate out with both our mothers being there.
    Yama-chan: I guess the Chinen family and the Yabu family are good friends then.
    Yuri:  The Chinen family’s also pretty good friends with the Yamada family too, I reckon. I remember about 3 years ago I went to sleep over at yours with my mum and my sister.
    Yama-chan: I remember! The three of you!
    Yuto: Eh!? Why!? Why!?
    Yuri & Yama-chan: Why…we don’t know, actually.
    Yuri: But our parents are good friends…
    Yama-chan: And our sisters are good friends too.
    Yuri: And, I’m supposedly good friends with Ryosuke.
    Yama-chan: Oi! What are we gonna do without you & I being the best friends out of everyone!?
    Yuto: Seems fun~Jelly~
    Yama-chan: You know, random chain of thoughts, Yuto-kun actually says “Jelly~” quite a lot. Whenever you want something, you’re not like, “I want that” and whenever someone’s eating something you don’t clearly say you want it, but you’re just like, “Jelly~”
    Yuto: Ah-. Come to think of it…
    Yama-chan: If you wanted some, then you should be like, “Seems nice…can I have some?” Asking someone for something brings communication and that’s where relationships start, I reckon.
    Yuto: Yeah, that’s actually true-!
    Yuri: In my case, if Yuto-kun was like, “Jelly~” I’d be like, “I know right-?” and finish all of it.
    Yuto: Hahaha! That’s Chinen!
    Yuri: Yay!
    Yama-chan: Hahaha…what the hell were we talking about?
    (笑)  Wait a minute…it doesn’t end here, does it?
    Yuri: It ends here.
    Yuto: Yeah, it’s about time.
    Yama-chan: You’re kidding, right!? Is “YY” this loose in time!? Gawd that’s scary~

  9. Who’s Okamoto Keito? -POPOLO May 2013

    Takaki: A Friend
    I guess I hang with him the most in my private life. He just calls me “Yuya” at those times. As a friend, you must call them by their first name. It’s a rule!

    Inoo: Uni Buddies
    These days all we talk about are our own unis.  (笑)But seriously, just the fact that we’re both uni students makes us feel closer.

    Yaotome: Bubbly
    When he dyed his hair a lighter shade, I told him he didn’t suit it. The next day, he dyed his hair a darker shade. Kawaii, right?

    Yabu: Ramen Buddies
    Whenever I feel like having ramen I always call Keito. He’ll be all complaining like, “Really~You sure you wanna go today~?” but then he’ll still come along with me. (笑)

    Yamada: Similar Senses
    When we look at a magazine, and we point at whoever we think is the cutest, we usually pick the same girl. (笑) Me? Oh I just push away his finger. (笑)

    Chinen: Good to Hang With
    I don’t have to think about being considerate towards Keito, and he’s good to hang with. I can just randomly call him to ask if he can hang, and he’ll just be like, “Okay.” (笑)

    Nakajima: Music Buddies
    We often talk about music. …Keito doesn’t return all the CDs I’ve lent him though. (笑)Even with movies, we give each other information on which ones are good, or even go out to watch them together.

    Arioka: Go-with-the-flow Buddies
    On the 9th of February we were like, “It’s Meat Day! (translator’s note: February 9th=2/9=niku=meat) so we went out to eat meat, or we randomly go out karaoke and sing JUMP’s songs…it’s good we’re both go-with-the-flow sort of people.

  10. Who’s Nakajima Yuto? -POPOLO May 2013

    Takaki: Wild Friends
    We just go wild together. (笑)We’re often together for Shoukura, so after the filming we go crazy.

    Inoo: I have the urge to tease him
    When we have a conversation, we always seem to be talking about ourselves…and every single time I feel a sudden urge to tease him. (笑)

    Yaotome: Band Buddies
    It’s fun playing my bass to Yuto’s drums, and these days I can tell if it’s one of his good days, or his bad days when I listen to him.

    Yabu: Shopping Buddies
    I go out shopping with Yuto and Tottsu- quite often. We wait for each other for fitting too. (笑)We’re also movies and karaoke buddies too.

    Yamada: Rivals
    We’ve been together since we were little, and we used to be the same height…being coupled together for everything. We both know the path to follow, and we’re definitely moving forwards!

    Chinen: A Friend
    I reckon I spent most of my time out of work with Yuto. At school we ate lunch together everyday, and we both studied hard, helping each other.

    Okamoto: Music Buddies
    With Yuto I talk the most about music. Recently, we haven’t had time to do this, but we used to rent a studio and had sessions together!

    Arioka: Percussion Buddies
    Once at break time we had some sort of session with hitting our knees and it was so cool. Since then we do it quite often.