1. NYC July 2012 Crosstalk Interview Translation

    Summer Festivals and Barbecue. The Summer this year is exciting for the Three of Them!
    It’s been a while since the last time I’ve worn a yukata.
    Nakayama: Yeah. I feel like it’s summer.
    Yamada: I should never wear yukatas…
    Nakayama: Yamada-kun, you don’t say.
    Yamada: I look like a GIRL wearing this!!!
    Chinen: Opps. Well, he said it.
    Yamada: Well today, I have nothing else to say. I’ll hand it over to you, Yuma.
    Nakayama: Wha, what should I talk about…?
    Chinen: About “Haina!”~
    Yamada: All to you, advertisement captain.
    Nakayama: Well, I really think this is the best summer song this year with a very catchy melody.
    Chinen: Haina! Haina! (=yep, yep!)
    Nakayama: The choreography is like festival dancing, and the lyrics are really fun.
    Yamada: Cool cool. Today’s Yuma is talking really well.
    Chinen: Haina~ (=yep really well~)
    Nakayama: Please watch the PV that we took with the fans!
    Chinen: Haina! (=Exactly!)
    Yamada: Chinen, how about you talk properly now.
    Chinen: Haina. You know, the day we were shooting the PV? It was raining and made it all hard cuz it was supposed to be sunny.
    Yamada: When I woke up it was raining heaps so I thought it was gonna be postponed, but it was on regardless of weather and I had to run out of the house.
    Nakayama: The set that was supposed to be used had to be re-setted… I feel sorry for the staff.
    Chinen: But because of that, the distance between us and the fans became closer.
    Yamada: Yep, all thanks to the rain. We managed to take the goldfish catching and shooting scene successfully as well.
    Chinen: I love shooting!
    Nakayama: Chinen-kun was really good at shooting. And it was so much fun cuz it felt like we actually went to a festival the three of us.
    Yamada: If NYC went to the summer festival together, it’s gonna be loud~
    Nakayama: Then, which shop will we go to first?
    Chinen: Well, first, shoot Yuma with the shooting guns.
    Yamada: Oh, like, “Hey~ Stop it~<3”?
    Nakayama: With Chinen-kun targeting me, I can’t react that cutely!
    Chinen: At the goldfish catching, Yuma will explain every single goldfish that’s swimming there.
    Nakayama: Ahaha that’s so gonna happen! Like, “this goldfish over here, you see is~~”
    Chinen: And, when he sees the squid being cooked, he’ll cry.
    Nakayama: Yeah, like,”Hey~ Squid~Why are you here in such state, being killed and cooked”… who the hell are you talking about!
    Chinen: Waaa, you went along

    Yamada: I want apricot candy~ even if its just prunes when they say apricots~
    Nakayama: Wait, don’t you mean apple?
    Chinen: Here it comes, the summer festival kansai vs kanto!
    Yamada: I’m not gonna vs him, ok? I like tako yaki too.
    Nakayama: Takoyaki! The other day, I bought a takoyaki machine! Come over to my house! Let’s hold a takoyaki party!
    Yamada: Eh~ I don’t wanna go over to Yuma’s house~
    Nakayama: You’re such a tsundere. Perfectly illustrated!
    Yamada: I’ll go if you let us hold pie-throwing.
    Nakayama: You said watermelon cracking the other day…?
    Yamada: Well events are important for parties!
    Chinen: Let him do it for celebration~!
    Nakayama: No way! Anyway what the heck of a celebration is that!
    Chinen: Of course it’s Yuma’s party for moving to Tokyo!
    Yuma: Eh…
    Yamada: If you don’t even get that, I guess you sold your heart to Tokyo…
    Nakayama: Do you realize that that isn’t convincing at all when you yourself lives in Tokyo?
    Yamada: Dang. Well we’ll celebrate for you in a casual way. What do you want to eat?
    Nakayama: Fugu! You know, the place you mentioned before!
    Chinen: Eh-! Then Yuma, you fish the fugu!
    Yamada: Exactly. You fish it, Chinen cuts it and takes care of it, while I plate it.
    Nakayama: …No matter how much Chinen-kun is good at doing that sorta stuff, you need a license to cook fugu!
    Chinen: Eh-? I feel like I can do it-!
    Nakayama: Even if you feel like it, there are things you can, and you can’t do, chinen-kun. Then let’s just quit fugu. Just go with normal fishing. At a beach or something.
    Yamada: That sounds cool. Then barbecue.
    Chinen: I wanna do that-! Let’s go to Hawaii!
    Nakayama: Why do we have to go that far… it’s ok at my home, isn’t it?
    Yamada: No-way-!
    Nakayama: Why do you refuse to go that much?
    Yamada: Cuz if we go, we can’t use this “let’s go, let’s not go” talk anymore~
    Nakayama: You do know that NYC isn’t a group of comedians, don’t you?
    Chinen: We’re going for the comedy championships!!


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