1. Myojo Translations - Cross Talk - Yamada, Nakajima, Fujigaya, Chinen

    Kis-my JUMP

    The Culture Shock is Interesting!
    Nakajima Yuto x  Yamada Ryosuke x Fujigaya Taisuke x Chinen Yuri

    Backstage to Magazine face Cross Talk


    What’s JUMP’s characteristic Fujigaya Found!?


    Fujigaya: The face’s shooting was so much fun-!
    Yamada: Thank you-<3
    Nakajima: Was is new to you?
    Fujgaya: Yeah. Too much fun.
    (笑)Cuz when I was holding Chinen on the sofa, everyone starts to tickle him.
    Nakajima: We always do that.
    Fujigaya: In Kis-my, we’d just poke once and that’s it. Ah-. I don’t want it to end yet-!
    Chinen: Well, then, sometime again!
    Yamada: Us three are like, “Risou no Musuko”, so we can see eachother soon!
    Chinen: Ah-!! I’m like, the only one here who’s in the “Ending Planner” team!!
    Yamada: (Like a yankee in a yankee manga) Yeah, where the hell are you from,JUNIOR!?
    Chinen: Hey! I’m a college student(role) so not junior. Anyways, you guys are like, highschoolers(role), right? It means you’re younger than me-.
    Nakajima: Ahaha!
    Yamada: You know, I actually thought, I haven’t spoken to Fujigaya-kun like this until we were featured in he same drama.
    Fujigaya: Yuto came to me often since he was young. Yamada, are you like, shy?
    Yamada: I’m shy!
    Chinen: I’m shy too

    Yamada: OMG you lied-!!!
    Chinen: It’s true!
    Fujigaya: Seriously, would a shy person do a back flip like that on stage!?
    Three: Ahahahaha!
    Yamada: But, I’ve only been on the same scene with Fujigaya-kun once.
    Fujigaya: Yeah, and I haven’t had one with Yuto at all.
    Chinen: Me neither-!!
    Yamada: Chinen would never have one! Idiot

    Fujigaya: Heh? Wasn’t it a drama where the four of us appear?
    Nakajima: I’ve heard so.
    Yamada: Wait. Guys, it really doesn’t work when there’s three people joking, and one person fixing?
    All: Ahahaha!!!
    Fujigaya: JUMP seriously pulls the joking.
    Yamada: Cuz there are times when I’m the only one fixing, and 8 others are going with the joke.
    Fujigaya: You serious!?

    That Kis-my member & Nakajima swap!?
    Last year, in Kis-my, when our debut was decided, we went yaki-niku with members. How about JUMP?

    Yamada: Not really with EVERYONE. Cuz there was quite a difference in age.
    Fujigaya: And there are a lot of members.
    Yamada: But, JUMP always swap Christmas presents between eachother every year. Are there any rules like that in Kis-my?
    Fujigaya: None! Wait, like, seriously everyone? Doesn’t anyone like, jig?
    Yamada: Nope. Is there anyone in Kis-my who might jig or something?
    Fujigaya: I’m thinking…. Well, Miyata will deffs be all excited.  But I’m pretty sure the rest will be like, “Eh-. Nah-.”
    Yamada: Ahaha.
    Chinen: I’m sure Miyata-kun will bring something  that’s like, really… amazing!!!
    Nakajima: Like anime stuff?
    Fujigaya: We practically have no members who like, creates events and stuff. I just really start thinking, “Are we gonna stay like this for the next few years…?”
    Yamada: Mature-.
    Fujigaya: Anyways, isn’t it hard thinking of good presents?
    Yamada: True. Ino-chan was seriously excited and brought this huge present before, and was like, “I bought something!!!” and we were all like, “Isn’t it hard to bring this bag on the train?”
    Fujigaya: So, how do you swap them?
    Nakajima: Dai-chan makes the draw for us-!! After Music Station Live, we all drew our presents.
    Fujigaya: A draw!! And hand-made… wow, you’re young.
    Nakjima: Are there times when Kis-my talks about JUMP?
    Chinen: Please there be times!!
    Fujigaya: There are!
    Chinen: Yay-!
    Fujigaya: Like, compared to when you debuted, the songs became a little mature.
    Yamada: I was soo happy when “Arigatou ~Sekai no Doko ni Itemo~” was released and Fujigaya-kun said, “It’s a cool song.”

    Chinen: And Ryosuke was like, “Arigato” right?
    Fujigaya: Ahaha. Is Chinen always like this?

    Nakajima: Yep, you gotta hang?
    Fujigaya: No way~~! So, what does JUMP think of Kis-my?
    Nakajima: Roller-skates.
    Fujigaya: Seriously!?  Oh, I remember, you were practicing roller skate with me before.

    Nakajima: Yepyep!

    Fujigaya: You know, you might have been in Kis-my. Nnnn~ where are you meant to fit in Kis-my-ft2? Wait, you’re yuto so y… kay, Yokoo is out~!(笑)
    Three: Eh—-!!
    Yamada’s Shock Announcement & Chinen’s Explosion… Fujigaya a bit awkward…
    I’m just saying this now, but Keito & I, wore Kis-my’s roller skates without asking!!
    Fujigaya: (With a scary face on) WHAT!? WHEN!?
    Yamada: Like, straight after last year’s SUMMARY.

    Fujigaya: After we debuted? Can’t forgive you.
    Yamada: Oh, but they’re Senga-kun and Miyata-kun’s.
    Fujigaya: Ahaha. Miyata deffs get chosen at those times.  Well , if it’s them, they’ll laugh it off

    Yamada: I’m glad-. But, we couldn’t ride them at all…
    Nakajima: Cuz that’s really hard.
    Fujigaya: With practice, it’ll be fine. Cuz, Nikaido, Senga and Tamamori couldn’t do it at all at first either.  Anyways, if you COULD do it easily, there’s not much point in us doing it!
    Yamada: Cuz there is a weapon to every group. Let’s keep on pushing eachother as good rivals. And the three of us will be in a drama together, so…
    Chinen: I’ll just be under Yamashita-kun and try hard.
    Yamada: I’m trying to conclude stuff here, so better off to not just add stuff in, thank you
    Chinen: I’m not gonna lose-!!!

    Fujigaya: Ahaha. Well, as much as we talk, we feel so much difference in culture between groups! So, then I’ll conclude it well. JUMP and Kis-my, we’re both individual, and different, but being the groups from the same agency, let’s push eachother as rivals to become a better group!
    All: Yes!!!


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